About Grammo

Born in New Zealand, the result of a group of dedicated individuals whose creative minds and passion for cycling, merged with technology and ingenuity to form a manufacturer of innovative wheels, frames and components. Grammo’s range of products are the result of 4 cyclists whose collective knowledge and experience covers Olympic Time Trial, Competitive Road and Triathlon, industry leading research and development and the finishing touch of eye catching style.

Understanding the need for competitive edge is one thing, creating products to deliver that promise is another.

For the last seven years Grammo has gradually turned that concept into a reality that includes wholly owned and developed products that will deliver race advantage across the key areas of weight, performance, and reliability.

In 2006 Grammo introduced the Viper range of wheels and components to satisfy rider’s needs for better options on keenly priced performance carbon wheels and accessories. The line was well received with distribution going to a broad international market. There was no resting on the laurels of that initial success as Grammo followed with the announcement at Interbike 2007 of the ground breaking Factor wheels, a line of sophisticated carbon race wheels designed to combine the benefits of CFD design and real time wind tunnel testing with a deep understanding of actual versus virtual conditions.

The wheel line has broadened to include Track, entry and premium level clincher, and a line of cyclocross specific wheels that again broke with the norm of what was currently available.

Development continued with the F5:2 and the F8:2 carbon wheels, aimed specifically at the race market that brought a new level of notoriety and experience to Grammo as a brand.

With wheels covered, the combined knowledge of racing situations and of manufacturing and production techniques was focused into Carbon frames. Grammo researched and designed a proprietary geometry standard where emphasis is on Competitive advantage, Comfort (fit), and Carbon technology, the C3 Design. Critiqued until objectives were met and instituted that design into the C3 road frame.

In 2011 a whole host of new developments and opportunities were launched.

Based on three new rim designs the 540, 580 and 840 a new range of carbon race wheels were launched. These have been long in development and heavily tested in both virtual and real environments in order to ensure that the goals set at the beginning of the project were clearly met or exceeded.

A new line of frames based on the proprietary C3 concept will now be rolled out into the new Toa 29 mountain hard tail, and the new Paru cyclocross frame. The Toa and Paru frames are a result of a clear focus on areas where knowledge and experience gained in the core market can be transferred to achieve the same balance of cost, performance and innovation.

For 2013 the launch of a new 29er suspension frame, 650b hardtail, and range of MTB wheels continued proof of Grammo’s demand for performance gain through technology across all its products in order to continue growth and development.

Grammo Core Values:

Passion –

Cycling is at the heart of the company and has been the life of the four founding members from a very early age. Our core passion for cycling, competition, technology and innovation drives the continued push for new concepts and ideas that keep Grammo at the forefront of cycling development.

Quality –

Grammo’s products are designed and manufactured to be of the highest quality. Our complete process, from materials supply chain, through manufacture and delivery is set to high standards and regularly monitored. With exacting levels of QC built into the core of our products, we offer reliability and durability as standard.

Customer focus –

The Grammo product line is aimed to add value to the cycling experience. New products are designed to make the user’s ride more exciting, memorable and competitive. Our customers expectations are the daily motivation to continually raise the bar with our product range, its performance and value for money. An area of great interest to the Grammo team has always been bike fit. That edge gained by having the bike completely tuned to the individual in order to gain optimum performance that would normally only be achieved by professionals or at high cost.

We are not satisfied until our customer is satisfied

Sustainability –

We care about the environment. We endeavor to make sure that recycled packing materials are used wherever possible, that we use manufacturing processes and factories that share our values regarding our responsibility towards our planet and our understanding that our actions today have consequences to the generations of cyclists that will follow.