What’s the first thing you do when you get a new racing steed?  Here’s a hint:  You don’t put it in the stable and let it go to sleep right away!  In my case I headed out for a quick test ride above the thriving metropolis of Medford, OR.

First impressions – It’s pretty frickin’ dark on Roxy Ann at night when you don’t remember your bar mounted light.

First impressions of the bike – It’s pretty frickin’ awesome!  I had no idea this level of ride even existed!  Ok, that may be euphoria talking.  But, it’s incredible none the less.

The Good – Everything a quick 6 mile gravel road ride in the dark could show me about a new bike.
The Bad – I’m at work right now and not riding my new bike.

Thanks to all the fellas at Unreal Cycles and Grammo for putting together such an awesome ride!  I can’t wait for this afternoon.


Adding to the Stable

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