Grammo had a powerful presence at the 2013 Sea Otter Classic thanks to the US distributor Unique Sports Company.  Spanning forty feet by twenty feet, the booth was filled with 2013 models in all new highlighter colored decals, which drew crowds all weekend. 

Read below what they had to say about their trip.

The beginning of the trip started off with a bang, quite literally as we blew up a tire about 4 hours into the journey. 

At that point we parked it and waited for day light to investigate the damage.
The next morning we pulled the wheel off and were greeted by this:

We had the spare on and went about installing it so we could move on.  We then discovered we didn’t have a jack on board capable of lifting the fully loaded rig.  Who’s in charge here?

Using the tools we were given, a big crescent wrench and a curb, we got the spare on and we were on our way.



 Once we arrived at the venue we took the time to get our rigs in place and pop up the booth.

According to the organizers attendance was up on the year previous, with an interesting statistic that registration for the competitive road events was up 18%.  As you can see below, there was no shortage of people at the venue and the weather was gorgeous.

Co-located on the booth were Royal Racing, Urge Helmets and Atlas Braces, below is a shot of the whole set up.
The Saturday setup.  New models and new graphics all on show for the very first time.

Highlighter colored tribal graphic flags also new for the event to match the new frames.


 Early in the morning when nobody is around.

You’ll be happy to know we made it back to Southern Oregon with out any further tire problems.  We’re now back in the office and ready to answer your enquiries via email on the contact form or on the phone (541) 201 8798.
Thanks to Unique Sports Company for representing Grammo at the Sea Otter.  Stay close, the next news entry will be introducing the new models.  Pre-Orders will be available soon on the website.If you’re not signed up for the news letter do so here.  Sign Up
Sea Otter Classic 2013

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