Hey all! So this blog is actually an update of my last two races, NorCal High school mountain bike race series Northern Conference #1 and #2.

I was very disappointed with my first race. The season opener, Northern Conference #1 at Granite Bay, went very poorly for me. My start was good, but that was about it. My legs had trouble for two laps, and I fell off pace hard. I finished 16th after I was able to pick it up on the last lap, but I was very disappointed with this result; I know I could be faster.

I took a look at everything in my schedule, and made some changes to my warm-up and my training for the next race.

The next race was Northern Conference #2 at Folsom Prison in Folsom, California. This time, the start went great. I got up and into the front group before the top 4 guys broke away. I then  was running in the 5-9 s for lap 1 and 2, then 3 of the group broke off the front and I was working with the 9 guy to try and catch them, until he flatted out. I held 8 solo for the last lap and a half, making a little time back up onto the group of 3, but not enough to get close enough to catch them, or see them on the twisty course. I finished 8th, and I’m stoked with a top 10 finish in that field. For anyone who knows that course, I was running 23 ish min laps on the backwards loop.

I am beyond pleased that the changes I made were successful, and I am excited and confident for the rest of the season. The quick fix was a pleasant surprise, I hope to only see my speed and power increase as the season wears on.

The next NorCal is a full league race at Granite Beach in Folsom, CA. There should be a huge turnout, so if you’ve ever had interest in seeing the speed and power put out by high school racers, this would be a great one to attend (Next to State Champs in Marin). The event is very fun, look for start times on their website. My race, Varsity Boys, starts at 1:00 PM. See you there.

Thanks for reading. Like, comment share. Let me know how you feel, or anything you want to hear my opinion on (cycling matters please). I’ll keep you posted.

Photo. Cred.: Julie Barton, Robert Lowe, Miles Lim and Cycling Development
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