Hey all! At the end of my last post, I mentioned the next TBF MTB race.

TBF #2 went much better than the first one. If you recall, at the first race I suffered a catastrophic flat that sent me to the back of the pack, and I finished alone in the back. When the next one came around, I was ready to redeem myself.

The race started fast, and again we were instantly into the Expert field.

We had to fight through them again, constantly passing on the first lap. I stayed with the front of my group this time, and had no flats.

After lap 1, I was in 3rd, 2nd place had a gap on me, and 1st had a gap in him.

The race was pretty boring from there. We all held our positions for the next 3 laps, out of sight of each other and the rest of the field.

I finished in 3rd.

Although it wasn’t a particularly exciting race, it felt really good for me to finally make it back onto the podium, and redeem my awful result from the race before.

Look for a blog on the BP Winter Crit this week.

Thanks for reading,

I’ll keep you posted.


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