I just received my Toa this week and built it up in time to take it for a quick spin before it was time to put it to work as my newest race bike.

It only took a few minutes of riding the Toa before I thought to myself “wow, this bike is amazing!”

The race was a double duathlon. Run 2 miles, road bike 6.5 miles, run 2 miles and finish with 6.5 miles on the mountain bike.

The race got off to a good start for me, finishing the first run in 2nd place overall. I lost a place on the road bike, dropping to 3rd overall. The race stayed this way through the last run and into the mountain bike section. At this point, I was mainly concerned with making sure that no one else caught me. As I got going, I hit a great groove and quickly dropped anyone behind me. The bike was really amazing on the climbs, but also handled the flowing singletrack really well.

Before I knew it, I had caught second place, shot right by him and on going full speed ahead to the finish line.

A great way to start of the season.

Scott C

Double Duathlon Debut….

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