Hey all! Sorry to have dropped off the grid for a while! I have been running, that thing that criminals do. And weird people. And my high schools Varsity Cross Country team(all of the above?). I have had an awesome Cross Country season this year, running faster than I ever have before, and faster than I thought I could. I race a 5 Kilometer race, with my Personal Record currently at 17:09. My high school Varsity team just won league, and yesterday was Sub-Sections. Yesterday, all 3 team we ran, Division 1 Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, and JV Boys, qualified for Sections. From there, teams and individuals qualify for the State meet.

I raced JV yesterday because coach only wanted to run 5 guys in the Varsity race. I had a really good race, 17:32, 8th out of 242 runners, and I got a medal for being in the top 20. I’m pretty happy. Next weekend I will be running Varsity in Sectional meet. Our team needs to be in the top 2 Division 1 teams to move on to State Championships. It will be a really tough race, with incredibly fast competition.

 I am really looking forward to these last races, 2 at most, in my high school running career. I have already run over 500 miles this season. I cant believe my high school running career is almost over. It is bittersweet, to be cliche. I am also looking forward to focusing on cycling again. I miss my bike. To the cycling world, I’ll be back soon. Until then, keep calm and ride on.

Greetings From The Other Side

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