Even with 2 flats in 2 days I love this bike.

The following are copies of three days of my FaceBook posts.


So I’m out on today’s road ride and I hit a piece of metal.
BAM, rear flat! OK check the tire and it has a side wall cut.
I’m ready with a dollar bill and a tube. Oops new tube has a hole.
OK I have a patch kit. Oops patch kit glue is dried up. Now what?
I decide to walk and try to find a store with a patch kit. Very shortly after I start
 pushing my bike 2 different riders who know me from my MC work both
stop and offer help. They both wanted to share a tube with me.
 I took one, which I’ll return at Rodeo Cross. Put in the tube and
 I’m on my way. Yay! I love being part of the bike tribe!!!


Is Vulcan the god of bike tires?
I think I need to know, and what the right sacrifice is, because on the way to
 pick up a new rear tire after yesterdays adventure I had a front flat!
I had 2 tubes and a fresh patch kit this time but still!?! WTH


So today it’s time for a Mountain Bike ride.
Tubeless tires, yay. They seem a little soft (bike’s been idle) so I top ’em off.
And I’m off to Salmon Falls parking area to ride South Fork and Cronan’s Ranch.
Drop the bike off the rack and “thunk” it’s the sound of the front rim hitting
pavement. Guess what? I have a flat. Samuel Guzman is there with a floor pump
and a free 29er tube so within a few I’m off for what turns out to be a great ride.
For those of you keeping track at home, yep, that’s 3 flats in 3 days.
I can’t wait for tomorrow’s ride.

Can you think of a 4 letter word that begins with F?


Three Days, Three F!@+s

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