Having been lucky enough to have had the Grammo 29er prototype on loan for a period – and very impressed with it in both the rigid and hardtail configurations, I thought it was time to go for the real thing, a Grammo Carbon TOA.

I contacted my friendly Oregon based distributor,  and the very next day (a Saturday!), the package arrived on my doorstep.

My level of anticipation rose, as I took possession of the feather light box. The robust packaging was stripped away to reveal the beautifully crafted TOA, (Black option, 19” Frame, with fork).

I placed it in the stand and went to work…

I was going to swap the components from the demo model, but the kit came with a new headset to mount the tapered, carbon fork.

The awesome Vuelta MTB 29” wheel set and old seat post and bars were next, along with the drivetrain, (cable) disc brakes and bar furniture…

A little further conversation with the folks at Grammo confirmed that we would go with the BB30 conversion, to allow me to use the existing cranks…a perfect fit.

The internally routed cables were simple to thread and the look extremely clean.

The drive train was SRAM (with Shimano cranks). I used the XX 10 Speed rear derailleur with a 3 ring crank up front – options! We were ready to go.

Testing was to be carried out on beautiful Montara Mountain, some 18 miles, or so, South of San Francisco.

The trail is basically the old HWY 1…very scenic and well known to the Grammo team. 

This route provides a good workout to the top, with awesome scenery and a fast, if not very technical downhill.

The TOA was perfect for the climb and handled superbly on the descent.

Next trail…Mount Tam..for the pancake breakfast!

Safe riding.

Logical Step Forward

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