Kirk is a local powder coater.  He is in fact the gentleman who paints all our custom painted frames for sale at Unreal Cycles.  A little while ago he came to us with the idea for this trip he wanted to take.  “You want to come….?” he asked.  “nah, but we’ll lend you the appropriate equipment for your journey,” we replied.

With that started his planning…

Kirk’s concept, he was setting off from his home here in the Rogue Valley and pedaling over a number of days to Hart Mountain / Lake in Eastern Oregon, where his lovely wife would meet him and drive him back after a weekend of recovery camping.

As you can see from the graphic above, 223 miles give or take and what’s not shown on the map is the elevation change, there’s lots of climbing. This was not for the faint of heart, but Kirk was dedicated and was going to make it happen.

So that’s the journey, the equipment consists of a 21″ custom painted bright green Grammo carbon Toa 29er.  Fitted with the matching rigid fork, SRAM X9 2×9 drive train and Grammo cockpit and seat post.  Kirk also fitted the bike with various bags and methods of hauling his necessities. 
He’d given him self a week to accomplish his feat he left Thursday morning 9/6/12 at 8am.  Updates to follow, including pictures of his departure as soon as I get them.

Kirk’s Epic Adventure – Intro

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