Cyclocross Season is getting underway here in Norcal.  For me, cross is my time to have a little fun and take a rest from serious racing; 40 + races can leave one a little fried.  Sacramento CX #1 took place on Sunday at Lagoon Valley in Vacaville, and like most early season Cali CX races, it was hot and dry.  The course had one feature in particular which had racers cursing every lap, the Single Speeders who did not choose their gear wisely were cursing the loudest.  It was a little wall of a hill that had many people jumping off and running/walking at about the half way point.  At the top of course, were the hecklers, beer handuppers and photographers.  This was definitely the place for a little silliness.  As I approached on my first lap, I decided to see how many ways I could get my bike to the top of the hill.  The following is a photo journal for creative non pedaling to the top Heckle Hill.

                           The Classic shoulder slog.  No, I am not running, just pretending.
                                                                 Thanks Jeff Namba!

                   The  “if I hold my bike up over my head the mountain lion won’t eat me” carry.

                                                                                             Jeff Namba

                                                                     The Drag

                                                                                                    Jeff Namba

                                                               The Aero Push

                                                                                                    Jeff Namba

                             And finally, the how does this happen hula carry, with taxi wave.

                                                                                   Tim Westmore

I hope you enjoyed my first round of Cross Silliness.  More in two weeks!

Cyclocross Silliness

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