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Hey all! NorCal is in full swing, so I’m traveling for races again, which is always fun. The past 2 NorCal races have both been down in Monterey, Race #2 at East Garrison, race #3, yesterday, at Laguna Seca. I’ve been off my game at the past 2 races, not feeling how I want to. Still doing alright, up around 20th, but not where I wanted to be. That’s part of racing though; hopefully I’ll be a stronger later in the season. That’s always better, I had the opposite my Freshman year, and it is absolutely devastating to go from winning races early to off the podium at state. That was rough, but I changed some things last year and wound up doing really well. This year I’ve been training even harder, and I’ve been super strict on my diet, hopefully I’ll feel even better at the next race.
 I’m super stoked about some of the races coming up. My bike is so dialed right now, everything is hooking up like crazy. Honestly, The Grammo Toa is my all-time favorite hardtail, no question, even after 11 years of racing. Just so smooth and snappy, super light, gorgeous frame colors and art, and look at the way I ride it! I love catching full suspension riders on descents when I’m on it. I love catching riders in general, that’s how you know you’re doing something right. 
I’m also enjoying travel with friends, can’t wait for the massive city that is NorCal Boggs. I’ll have to take some video of the venue, it’s like having an entire town move to the woods for the weekend, I wish they would have State Champs there again. (cough cough). The week after that is Sea Otter! Hope to see all of you there, this year’s gonna be great! I’m racing both XC and DH, first time competing in 2 events there. I’m really excited to get to meet the Hutchinson United Riders and meet all the Morewood USA riders, and pick their brains for tips, and see all my friends from all over. Hope you’re all doing well, thanks for liking and sharing my blogs. Let me know what you think of the new shoe covers down in the comments!
Now, Spring break!! Woop woop, gonna go have some fun rides with friends, and spend some good time in the gym. Already hit one shuttle day. PS, website in the works!
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