The Cool Mountain Bike race has a pretty gnarly reputation, almost always a rainy, muddy mess. It’s a climby course that gets super swampy. In the hot, dry conditions I’m not a big fan of that course, but in the mud it can make for super fun racing. This year I raced Expert women 18 and under, but since I was the only junior Expert, I raced against the other Expert women as if they were in my division.
It was also my first race on my new girl scout green 2012 Grammo Toa (named Marvin the Martian). The bike is insane. Full carbon frame, 2012 RockShox Sid World Cup, full XO, Truvativ Noir bars, ZTR Race wheels, and just the sickest setup on this bike. Approximately 20 pounds of pure racing machine. I couldn’t be happier to be racing it for the 2012 season.
It was freezing and rainy in the morning, and my legs were frozen on my warm up. By start time, it was still sprinkling and cold, but I was stoked to go. All the experts started together, so my start was huge and crazy. Surprisingly, I was the first expert woman on the first few climbs, and I was feeling great. I held on to the lead for most of my first lap, and slid back to 3rd in the last few miles, but I was still in it. My whole first lap was awesome, and I was super stoked coming into the finish area. It was just one of those races where I was having a freaking great time. My dad handed me a bottle in the feed zone, and I was off on my second lap.
I was muddy and tired, and the climbs got harder and harder. It was a little miserable, but for some reason I was just happy and stoked to be racing. I was smiling on the worst climbs, and getting super loose and sketchy on the descents. Towards the end of the race, I heard a familiar voice behind me. It was Asa, on her matching Grammo Toa. I was running out of gas, and riding with her gave me that fire when I needed it. She rode up next to me and said “C’mon Ave, get ‘er done and lets have some cookies!”
We finished pretty close together, and I was chasing her to the very end. I was muddy, exhausted, cold, and so stoked. I ended up 3rd expert woman, 5th woman overall (including pro). It was a great race, and I had fun the whole time.
What next? We had some cookies, of course.
Keep chasing…
Get ‘er Done and Have Some Cookies

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