Coming into my first Xterra World Championship triathlon I was anything but confident in my ability to perform well.  With a little bit of work, sweat, and blood I managed to take #1 in 25-29 F West Region for 2011, which laid down the brickwork for a strong-newbie to WORLDS.  CRAZY!  

Making it through the whole Xterra season on my pony: Specialized Safire- 26er”, I branched out and feel in love with the Grammo Tao 29er”, which I refer to as: Shamrock.  

Kapalua, Maui is the new home for Xterra World Championships.   Kapalua provided a wonderful bike course of coffee fields, twisty-turns single track, loose rock descents, and of course- LOTS OF CLIMBING.  

All to say that “Shamrock” is a climbing rock-star!  I remember the conversations I had with fellow racers climbing uphill: “what kind of bike is that?  If it climbs like that, I NEED to get one of those!”  Their comments made my heart smile.

I gave my valiant effort at Worlds where I finished intact and with a huge smile on my face.  

I am a WORLDs Finisher!  

Also, much love to my bike made my experience amazing and excited for the future races I will embark on Shamrock.


Stephanie Miller- Woodland, CA
Grammo Takes on Xterra World Championships

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