Hey all! So last weekend I raced BASP #3 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The BASP CX races are the biggest cyclocross races that I go to, so I always bring my A game and lay it down. This time I had a call up, and got to start in the second row of my race, which was again 100 B men. The online cap gets full so quickly, I pre-registered 2 weeks prior to the race. Anyway, I was on the line with my friend Sean, who finished one spot ahead of me last race. I was happy to be able to race with someone that I know and could work with.

The countdown, the gun. The race was on. The start was crazy, just because of the number of people going into the corner at the same time. Then someone fell in front of me, but I was able to get around the mess. There was brief mayhem, as I fought around the other riders, then I was through, into the next corner, and the top 10. In the next laps, the real race became clear. The 1st and 2nd riders disappeared off the front, never to be seen again. The real head to head racing was in the 3rd through 11th racers. I was in the mix, and we were all red lining and racing as hard as we could. We all swapped places repeatedly, playing a bit of tag.

Early on in the group of riders battling up front, we very nearly suffered a fatality. As we came through the paved start/finish at high speed, the rider in front of me suddenly swerved, for no apparent reason, and stuck his derailleur in my front wheel. In that instant, I thought that I was going to be catapulted face first into the asphalt, and go meet the local EMT’s. However, the medical personnel had to do without my acquaintance, as my wheel rattled and clanged on his derailleur, but I was able to swerve and save myself. Fatality averted. Everyone in our pack of riders yelled at him, and then in the next lap, we strung out, and I dropped him for the remainder of the race. Afterward, Sean told me that this guy, “the Menace”, repeatedly caused problems for him, blocking, cutting him off, and taking him out. I guess he was able to get free of him, because soon I heard Sean (and his screaming brakes) catch back up to me.

Now, I was in 4th, the racer in my sights was in 3rd, and Sean was on my wheel, 5th. We all played tag until the last lap. As we came off the single track onto the pavement road before the finish, I was in 5th, with Sean 5 yards ahead of me, and the racer in 3rd 10 yards ahead of him. As soon as we hit the pavement, I was up, going after them with everything I had. Click, click, boom. I was hammering away, sprinting as fast as I could. I was making up ground, I passed Sean, I was gaining on third, gaining, gaining, but the finish was close. I wasn’t sure if I could take him… huge bike throw… but it was not to be. I crossed the finish line with my front wheel almost even with his front hub. My momentum rocketed me past him, and down the straight, before I went to cool down with the guys.

I was so stoked to have my first BASP Cat B podium!! 4th out of 100 B men is excellent, I am very happy with that finish. Final BASP is Next Sunday, and then I will be solely focused on training for a few months. Hope to see you all at Coyote Point Sunday! I’ll keep you posted.

Click, click, BOOM

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