So go read part I. No? OK. Short version, broke my leg in Whistler on August 2nd. No, I wasn’t doing anything cool – I wish. Hit a fence post on a fireroad and broke my femur – Yes, the Universe does hate me in case you were wondering. The Little Things is a bit of therapy for me. I am not good at being broken, I am not patient, I am very competitive, and I need adrenaline to live. So needless to say, my mood was less than cheery and my friends were concerned that I might take to throwing things at them. Lucky for me, some of my friends have been through some terrible injuries and advised me to focus on the little things. Little things that I couldn’t do the day before, little things that make me laugh, little things that I notice need improvement, and little things that motivate my recovery cuz they are just plain sad. Little Things Part I left off with me passing the crutch/stair test and going home after spending my vacation at Vancouver General.

So I got to go home. Now what? 2 weeks worth of pain pills, 6 months worth of pain and a big purple couch to lay on and watch the world go by.

The Little Things Part II –

1. I Never realized how low my toilet is. Right leg deep squats 4 – 5 times a day!

2. Muscles that take years to build, disappear in a matter of weeks. My husband bought me a little shower stool so I could sit in the shower. I dropped my brand new bar of lavender soap and tried to catch it in my lap. My knees knocked and the soap dropped to the tub with a thunk, nothing but net on the way down. I laughed, then I cringed. There is a two inch gap between my thighs when I sit now.

3. Dang, my bed is really low too.

4. Crutches and coffee don’t mix.

5. Handicapped bathrooms are awesome, unless they are occupied by an able bodied person. However, giving them the stinkeye when they walk out on two good legs is priceless 🙂

6. Getting cleared to ride the road bike is bliss, actually riding it the first time is awkward, painful, and less than inspiring. It is good to be on the bike, but maddening to realize how far back I have slipped.

7. I had very little ass to speak of before the wreck, now it is nearly concave. No grown woman should have this little ass. I look like a guy wearing his girlfriend’s skinny jeans. And my tailbone touches the bottom when I sit in the bathtub. I have to lean one way or the other to keep from bruising it.

8. The first time I was able to stand and pedal out of the saddle was amazing. I literally couldn’t do it the day before, then presto! Up I went!

9. One crutch is better than two – much easier to carry coffee.

10. No crutches is better than one, til my friend tells me I walk like a zombie. Now I am totally self conscious. Girls should not walk like zombies unless they are in fact dead. Otherwise, it is just not attractive. My better friend is brewing a beer just for me called Zombie Walk Sour. The other friend doesn’t get any.

11. Finally being able to smoke Freds on the bike trail lets a bit of my killer instinct out. Luckily I ride way better than I walk. Always have, always will.

12. Building bikes makes me happy. Not as happy as riding them, but, mmmmmm… These beauties kept my hands busy and my mind off my troubles for a little while.

So there you have a few of the little things that get me through my days, they are motivators, sources of humor, and vexing realities which keep me moving forward. I know there are many things I cannot do today, but perhaps tomorrow I will be one step closer. I really want to ride my mountain bikes, I was born to ride dirt, but my leg tells me I am just not there. I hope that Little Things Part III will find me on the trails, and perhaps by Part IV I will be racing. Who knows. Stay tuned.

The Little Things Part II

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