Hey all! So, I’m still Casted. I know last week I said I was hoping to have it off and race Sacramento Cyclocross #3 at Condon Park , but the doctor thought otherwise. He told me that he wouldn’t take the cast off until November first. All my feelings about the cast that I expressed about the cast last week still apply (I hate it, it’s terrible, it’s messing up training, I hate it, it’s annoying, oh, and, I HATE IT) I was hoping to get the cast off this week, so I could race Folsom Rodeo Cross #2, and ride this weekend, but alas, here I am typing with a cast still shackled to my arm.

On the bright side, I did very well on my finals in school, pulling out a solid 4.0. Also, last night I had my final high school cross country running race of the season. I ran an 18:16 3 mile XC race, 47th out of 87 varsity guys. I am finally getting back to the times I was hitting before I was sick a few weeks back. Our HS team has continued to destroy this season, we had 6 guys in the top 10 of the varsity race last night, our boys and girls winning 2 more league banners for our school. Now over half of the banners our school has have been won by Cross Country or Track. Hopefully next year will be even better, and good luck and congratulations to our guys and girls moving on to sections and state.

I, however, am now fully into CX mode. I have still been hitting gym workouts with my coach, Paige Ramsey, while I haven’t been able to ride. I have also still been running and working on my bikes. Since I haven’t been able to race CX yet, I have been volunteering at all the local events. I got to try my hand at being an announcer last weekend, as well. Supposedly I was a big hit, everyone said I was a natural, and fun announcer. I had a great time. I filmed a bunch of the Folsom Rodeo Cross this past Wednesday night, and a friend is going to make it into a video. I will share it with you guys, my awesome readers, as soon as it is ready. It has still been very weird to be at all these races but not race, I cannot wait to get this cast off on Tuesday and go shred. I am hoping all the running will make for super fast barrier running next week. I’m planning on racing Folsom Rodeo cross on Wednesday, then there is a double CX weekend. On Saturday the is a race at Lembi Park in Folsom, and on Sunday there is a race at the Folsom Rodeo Grounds. It is gonna be a wild and crazy weekend of Cross, I hope to see you all out there! I’ll keep you posted! Have a happy Halloween!

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