Hey all. So, a few weeks ago, I broke my arm. Remember when I said that I raced downhill? Well I didn’t mention that I crashed in my practice run, and then raced on it anyway. It kept hurting really bad, so I ended up going and getting it X-rayed the next night. And what do you know, it was a hairline fracture to the radius. A week later, I had to go back in and get it casted, after the swelling went down. And then, I got to discover just how much casts SUCK!

So, with this cast, I am not allowed to ride. Only ride the spin bike, at the gym. I wasn’t able to race the last cyclocross race, so I volunteered to work registration. That is a hectic job! It was very strange for me to be at the event but not racing, but I still had a good time. It’s a good thing my doctor is letting me run, beause otherwise I think I would go crazy from lack of training. The cast does start to smell after a while, though, from the sweat of working out. But I am still running in it, and I have even raced in the rain with it! That is the bright side of the cast. The doctor had said that if I didn’t get it casted, he wouldn’t let me do ANYTHING!

However, I am right handed. The cast is on my right wrist/hand. See the problem? It is very hard for me to write. When you are taking 3 college level courses that are writing intensive (AP Language and Composition, AP US History, and AP Calculus), struggling to write is maddening. All we do in AP Lang & Comp is write essays, practice writing essays, and talk about writing essays. AP US isn’t as bad, only tons of notes. But everything in Calculus has to be written out. So, this is incredibly irritating. And all of this was happening going into midterms. I ended up doing pretty good on my midterms though, so that’s good. It’s also hard to use utensils, which took some learning. Good thing nothing can keep me from a good meal! Even with the cast, I still remain in good spirits and grades, and full of good food.

I may have cheated a bit on the whole, “no riding” thing. After we finished a bunch of renovation/reclamation on a friends pump track, I might have jumped on a bike and shredded a bit. Maybe 😉 It was fun! But that’s about all I have riding wise. I’ve been a little frustrated, and I would be even antsier to ride if I wasn’t still running my butt off. My last high school Cross Country running race should be coming up shortly, just as cyclocross season is getting going for me. Hoping to see all of you out at the next Sacramento Cyclocross race on Sunday, it’s gonna be awesome!! I may be able to race this weekend, if the doctor takes my cast off this week. My advice to you this time: Don’t break bones! Other than that, keep shedding, my friends. I’ll keep you posted!


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