Hahahaha anything but just a 5k. This was “America’s Friendliest 5k link to race website put on by Maya and Jenn, both from Rogue Valley Runners. It was a blast of a race and I’m glad I signed up. It’s always awesome to see so many people out enjoying themselves. For me it was a training run and of course I wanted to do well. My goal was a sub 30 minute 5k but as soon as we headed up the mountain I knew I totally underestimated the challenge. After bear clawing my way to the summit it took me a good 5 minutes to get my legs underneath me, at which point I had been passed by a lot of people. I started to feel ok and got passed one more time and I said NO MORE !!! I picked it up and was able to pass 3 of the people who passed me. Heading into the finish I was pushed from behind, and I found myself running some ridiculous pace (for me) but I wasn’t going to let anyone else pass me! Well just wanted to share a day of training off the bike . It was a great race and I will absolutely do it next year, hopefully I’ll be in a little better shape. I finished 21st overall out of (I think) 185, and finished in just over 31 minutes. Check out the garmin link below. This was the single hardest race I have ever competed in. I set a new high, my heart rate 192.

Just a 5k . . .

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