Five weeks waiting for today, my first ride back. Sure it wasn’t a mountain bike ride like I would have liked but it wasn’t on the trainer either. Summer hit two days ago and boy did it hit. Both days in the 90’s and me still on my trainer, well not today. It was as if my bike was begging me to take her off the hamster wheel and get some asphalt under the rubber. How could I argue I figured it was at least worth a shot.

On the schedule was a moderate hour and a half ride so I was headed to my favorite road, green springs. It has a little bit of a climb at the end with some gorgeous views. Because of the climb I decided to go out an hour and then turn around figuring I could make it back in half the time, which proved to be true. It was a great ride all accept for one detail. In the very beginning there was a set of rail road tracks with some nasty dips and gaps around them. Last time we went out my buddy bunny hopped it and I never had thought to try it. So today I figured I’d give it a shot, not a good idea. When I came down it literally felt like I had re-fractured my right elbow. I’ll be interested to see how it feels tomorrow. My optimistic outlook of an early July return to the mountain bike seems as if it is no longer a reality. With that said I think I will be able to stay off the trainer and get some real miles under my belt on the road bike while I heal, waiting to return to the mountain side of cycling.
Sorry trainer the weather it just to nice . . . 

My new hopeful return, the end of July. I think with a few more weeks I should be good to go. I can’t wait to get on the mountain bike but for now the only trails I’ll be on are the ones I’m running on. In the meantime I don’t think I’ll have to hard of a time with all the beautiful rides right in my backyard and the amazing weather that Southern Oregon is offering up.

Turn around point on today’s ride . . .

Too soon . . . ?

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