Hey all! So, I was heading to Ashland, Oregon, for my first Super-D race ever, on trails I’d never ridden, in a state I’d never been in, on a bike I’d never seen. What could go wrong? When I went to pre-register for my race, I found out that my race was full. Big thanks to Jen Burt who helped secure me a spot in the race. Then, about an hour before my ride was going to pick me up , I was throwing up. Thought I was better, and then puked again in the truck. On the pre-ride that night, we had 3 flats and a chain break. Then the next day, my loaner bike had a FEW problems. First we had to replace the chain. Then we had to replace the fork and the headset. Then the chain got stuck between the cassette and the hub, and the cassette had to be pulled off to free it. Then the rear brake went out, and due to complications, we had to zip tie the new line onto the outside of the swing arm. Finally, I almost didn’t have a ride to the top of the mountain in the morning to register. If I was a superstitious person, there was no way I would have raced.

It was freezing at the summit of Mt. Ashland. I rolled up to the start line, and suddenly everything felt right. Beep Beep Beep BOOP!
I hit that amazing, perfect Ashland dirt (Yes, I know it’s actually decomposed granite) at top speed, and everything came together. I flew over the water bar drop like a bat out of hell. The climb was rough with the altitude, but I got through it. And then I was railing corners, perfectly hitting doubles, feeling great. I almost lost it off a jump, but then saved it at the last second. I was railing the super fast switchbacks, wham wham wham wham. I LOVED the bike! I had zero technical difficulties in my race, the Orange Five was THE bike for that course. It rides like a big bike but climbs well, and it was super snappy through the turns. I really had an awesome time on my first Super-D, and I can’t wait to race more. I placed 6th in open Junior 18 and under. I gotta say thank you soooo much to Mad Cat teammate, role model and good friend Eddie Fontes, and role model and friend Jared Kessler (rides for Felt, WTB, and X-Fusion) for putting up with sick boy on the way to Oregon. I had a blast hanging out with my awesome sponsors, learning about products, and meeting some of the other Grammo riders in Oregon. It was a great experience, and I can’t wait to go back!! P.S. Here’s a newscast about the race. Go to 1:04 to see me bobble off a jump.

I’ll keep you posted!
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