Weaverville is the cutest little town. So cute, I wanted to stick it in my pocket and take it home with me. It’s one of those towns where the shop employees know you by name, and everything (yes, EVERYTHING) is on Main Street.
Five teammates and I stayed in a little hotel about ten minutes away from the race venue, which was at Trinity High School. I was woken on Saturday morning by my Team Mad Cat teammate, Dee Larsen, jumping on my bed saying, “Morning! Up, up, up! GOOD MORNING AVERY!” Well, good morning to you too, Dee.
I warmed up in the parking lot of the high school, mostly doing circles around our pit area. A quick team photo, and then we lined up to start. I was shocked at how the course literally exited the high school campus straight onto trails. Before I knew it, I looked up to a dauntingly steep and long fire road climb. Not really what I wanted to see, but I decided to not over think it, just pedal through it. That, my friend, is easier said than done. This is one of those climbs that, no matter how optimistic you are going into it, crushes your spirit after the first mile. Every time I thought it would be done after the next turn, the course kept going up…and up. It went up until I could see a panoramic view of the area below me. The little town of Weaverville was now tiny in the distance below me, and I felt as if I could touch the clouds. And, as my odometer read 3.2 miles (of straight UP) the course flattened. The first thing that went through my mind: ‘OH YEAH! Who’s bad?! That’s right: ME!’
I recovered surprisingly quick, and soon I was back up to full speed, flying along the flat fire road. After another mile of dusty, twisty road, the course turned down onto a singletrack. The last 7 miles of the course were rolling, beautiful downhills. The course ran along a river, and from the trail I could hear the rushing water, which was a little surreal. The course led through rambling, fairytale forest trails until the course dropped back into the high school. It was a really tough course, and after my second lap I was cooked. Completely, totally, undeniably cooked. I, trying to find the energy to go out again, sucked down a Monster energy drink.
It didn’t work. I sat down for about 5 minutes, and when I tried to get up, every cell in my body said “NO!” The clock was ticking, and with only 2 hours left and so little gas left in the tank, I knew I couldn’t make another lap.
I stayed in the pit, took photos and was a one-person support crew for my teammates, who were heading out. I, being the only 18 & Under girl, won my category. Asa and Wyatt also won their categories. At the raffle, I won the last prize package, and the biggest. It consisted of an entire flat of energy drinks, two free coffee coupons, a free saddle coupon, a t-shirt, two KENDA tires, and a water bottle.
Asa, Wyatt and I crewed for George, who amazingly did 7 laps in 12 hours, taking 2nd. Way to go George (I bow to the Jedi Master)! Afterwards, we went to Round Table and stuffed ourselves with pizza. Pizza, and, (of course) many, many Monty Python jokes. (What is the average flight speed of a fully laden swallow?)
It was a great weekend, and I’m already looking forward to returning to Weaverville next year on the new Grammo Toa 29er hartail.

Keep chasing…
CAMELOT! ‘Tis a silly place!
(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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