Hey all! So, weekend before last I had another double race weekend. On Saturday I had the second Sierra Nevada High School Mountain Bike Race at Folsom Lake. My division, Cat 2 JV, does two laps on a fun 7 mile course. This race had an uphill sand start, just like the last one. I was up with the front runners of the pack as we hit single track, only about 10 seconds after the start. I quickly got in second place, behind my longtime friend and competitor, Hunter Olivier. We started working together, taking turns pulling. However, soon another local racer caught up to us and tried to hang on. Hunter and I kept working together, but halfway through the first lap, Hunter was able to get a gap on me, and the guy in third went with him. Soon my teammate Zach, along with another racer caught up, just after the end of the first lap. I was hoping to work with Zach against the other guy with us, but about 1/3 of the way through my second lap I hit a rock and blew out my rear tire. It was a catastrophic flat! Catastrophic because I had no C02 or tube, so my race was over and I had to walk it in. I was super bummed, as this was my first DNF ever!
I decided that night that the best way to redeem myself was to race the TBF MTB Challenge on the same course the next day! I decided to challenge myself and race expert, 4 laps, something I hadn’t done before. It was a brutal race, and I was feeling the race the day before almost immediately. I tried to hang on to the lead group, all the adult experts and pros. This didn’t last long, as they are some of the fastest local racers, including a current national champion! I just tried to hold a steady pace throughout my laps, since this was my first expert race and I didn’t want to blow up. I was able to keep a good pace the whole time, with only minor cramping on my sprint of the last couple of miles, and I ended up 5th in 19 & under Expert men for the day. I was happy with my first ever expert race, but I’d definitely like to build on it this weekend, as I have the same race set, Sierra Nevada High School mountain bike race #3 on Saturday and TBF MTB Challenge on Sunday! I am excited about this race weekend and will have a flat kit on my bike and take some Sport Legs for laps 3 & 4! Remember, as race season starts to heat up, both literally and intensity wise, go to Unreal Cycles for the best deals on all things cycling!
I’ll keep you posted.

Double Race Weekend (Flat Kits & Salt Tabs)

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