Hey all!

I hope everyone is having a good new year so far. I am now back in school, which means I again have to balance training with a full workload. On my last day of break, I had a great ride on one of my all-time favorite trails with my sister and a good friend and teammate we luckily saw out there. It was a great ride, and how many people can say that they train with their little sister?
Anyway, it is my home trail where I started mountain biking. I have done a huge amount of training here in the past 8 years. I know this trail like the back of my hand, and it was super fun to ride it on my cross bike, because all of my lines and riding technique are based off of my hard tail cross country bike with a suspension fork, not a fully rigid cross bike with tiny tires and cross brakes!! It was a ton of fun switching up my lines and style on this trail, as I can’t slam over rocks and hit drops offs, but I can haul on the climbs and the flats much faster than on my mountain bike. It is a totally different trail on my cross bike, but really fun, kind of like a great remake of a beloved classic movie. I’m keeping on my training and riding, and hoping school doesn’t affect it too much. I am psyched to race Sacramento Cyclocross at Laguna Del Sol this weekend, and I hope to see everyone out there!
I’ll keep you posted.
New year, new spin on a classic

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