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Training for triathlon is an odd journey that sometimes feels like it is going nowhere. That is when having some faith in your program comes into play. I had a rough 2010 and am glad to see it go. 2011 is off to a good start with the small exception of my daughter breaking her arm in a cartwheel gone wrong. Training for the first 6 weeks of my program had me thinking that uh-oh, maybe I don’t have “it” anymore, but gradually “it” is coming back. I’ve made some changes to my training from years past. I have always been very good about toughing out the ridiculous Chicago winters (Peter said it was cold out West a couple of weeks ago…um, no it wasn’t). This meant that 5am runs in the dark when the mercury tickled 5 degrees were the norm. Well, it seems that being tough may give you bragging rights, but it also gets you injured….something about the body doesn’t like doing blind, frozen intervals. This year I am beating the Hell out of my treadmill and Computrainer, while watching E4 Skins on Netflix every morning. The benefit of being on the treadmill is not only does it insure warmth, but it also allows complete control over the workout. I am also able to recover more quickly from workouts due to the minimized pounding, which allows for improved subsequent workouts.

Riding is improving nicely too. Right now I’ve been spending time on the road bike as I am in the base period which is more about fitness than specifics of rider to machine dynamics. This is going to change within the next 4 week period as I will be transitioning into the build phase where the big improvements should be seen. I can’t wait as this is where I combine some of the “easy” base mileage with the upped intensity of race targeted workouts. Speaking of which, this year’s schedule will include some good local races, Eagleman 70.3, Ironman Arizona (gotta get even with that course!!), some Superweek road racing, and assuming I am alive and kicking, some CC races. Lots of good races out there, and the schedule will get firmed up soon. My first priority is to get fit enough to lead the two triathlon camps Jen (superstar triathlete wife) and I are hosting in Tucson, AZ this March/April. We’ve got some killer athletes signed up, so I have to be on my game. This weekend we’re heading out there to do some recon on the routes and venues we will be using for camp. I’ll take some pictures to post.

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Doing the work for a great 2011

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