I am sure we have been here before………

USPS have just hiked their International rates by around 200%, this issue has been hidden somewhat by the fact our check out system is tied to PayPal and they seem to have subsidized or at the very least held off the price increases for as long as possible.
Issue now is that we can no longer rely on our shipping rates supplied via Paypal.
We are working as quickly as possible to fix this issue on our systems in order that accurate shipping rates can once again be available at checkout, without the need for shipping quotes to be requested from us.
In the short term if you think the shipping rate is incorrect at checkout, please contact us via one of the many methods we offer: SKYPE, IM, E-Mail, Toll Free and we will get an accurate freight cost as quickly as possible
We appologise for the issues this is raising with the checkout process, but this is our current main focus and we hope to have a fix in place very soon.
International shipping: Deja Vu

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