Its taken a while, but the wait is over.

New frames from On One:

The Carbon 456

The Carbon Whippet

Lincolnshire Poacher steel SS retro racer

The Whippet: is the ultimate short-travel Carbon XC frame. On One’s skunk works took 6 months in developing this all new cross-country frame and its a winner straight out of the box. Starting with the race proven Scandal geometry, that’s excelled on the UK cross country circuit, the Whippet weighs in lighter, stiffer, faster and even more fun to ride. Carbon was the obvious choice, not only hitting the 1300g mark for the 18″, but improving handling and comfort.

The 456 : has been around for years as a surefooted and responsive trail master.

The New 456 blends its origins with the ultimate in aerospace materials and production techniques. Subjected to new international standards (CEN) for frame stiffness and strength, the 456 has been mechanically pushed and pulled horizontally, vertically and through the pedals, plus a variety of impact tests.

The Carbon 456 sailed through all the tests and is now available.

The Lincolnshire Poacher : features traditional 50’s Club Racer influenced geometry, gorgeous Fleur de Lys style lugs and deep candy apple red paint with hand painted gold lug lining, the Poacher can be set up as fixed gear or single speed ride

A nod to the 50’s Clubman single speed and fixed gear road bikes… with a contemporary twist!

All the above are available now.

You know the crack

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