Over the weekend Unreal Cycles took the opportunity to represent at a local race in Jacksonville, OR.
Echelon Events hosted hordes of riders for a two day event Saturday and Sunday.
Due to technical difficulties and the camera chewing up the memory card we haven’t got much in the way of media to present for you other then the shots below:
This was the awards for the Super D on Saturday. These were your top three men in the pro category.

Unreal Cycles, as a title sponsor, had the banner flying high behind the awards presentation.

For the raffle we put up an Unreal Senior shown here with its’ proud new owner. Looking forward to getting some pictures back when he gets this built up.
Shown above is our new sidehack. Lots of people interested in where it came from and what it was for…
Our answer…

Pizza Delivery!
Other concepts brought to us over the weekend included new ride for paper boy? Dog carrier? Maybe even a new shopping cart for mum.
The best idea we had from the Sea Otter was “Beer-Run-Hack” or mobile kegger.
Ride of choice for the Frat or Sorority house.
What are your thoughts?
Look out for Unreal Cycles attending more West Coast based events throughout the year.
Jacksonville Bike Fest

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