Its hard to think at the moment, its cold (the heating is broken), its nearly Holiday time and last shipping day is tomorrow.

Just a quick update before my fingers fall off.

Soma: Back in the Groove

Soma have the groovy Groove back in stock, constructed with Prestige tube, this is now the only steel frame we carry with V brake mounts, so for all you guys looking for a retro rig, this is the one.

On One: The frame that time forgot (nearly)

While rummaging around in the warehouse the other day looking for things to burn, we found a small stash of Titanium On One Inbred frames circa 2006. This is a Taiwan model (not to be confused with the current Lynskey versions) but they are amazing quality with a matte blast finish, get one now before they are gone forever.

Whyte: All white mate!

First batch of Whyte 19c frames will be available in mid January, no geometry changes from the award winning featherweight of 2009, just new colors and graphics. Now I say new colors, in fact the forward thinking folks at Whyte have gone all out and the 2010 scheme is based around……white.

Orange: Juice

New from Orange for 2010, we will have the all new Miii in February along with the completely redesigned and re tubed P7 and R8 (replacement for the trusty Prestige).

For 2010 we will offer a full custom paint service on all models, we got the idea from a Lowes advert, so send us your favorite slippers, smoking ganzee, gummy bear, M&M wrapper (or Eminem rapper – you’re choice! ) or detail description of the color that is the backdrop of your wildest fantasy (biking fantasy that is ) and we will work with the boffins at Creative Coatings to get the right shade of pale! Anodising will also be available for some models, call for more information.

Grammo: “That was NZ”

Too much news for this page, more later, but for now:-

New NZ button (a bit like the easy button, but with an accent !)
New 62mm Carbon/Alloy clincher
New CNC brakes
New Carbon forks (road and mountain)
New Carbon road frame

Plus we are hearing rumors about 3 (yes three) new carbon tubular rims being developed by the boys down under. Seems that the Flow line was not enough so those clever little Hobbits got busy again and came up with more groundbreaking designs for round things that make you go fast.

Unrealcycles: Members Only

Watch out in the New Year for an all new section to the web site which will be exclusive members only section.

Based on the CostCo model there will be a small annual fee to join, but benefits will include access to inside information, products, and pricing not available on the main site. Limited edition items, industry close outs, specials, and just generally crazy prices.

All this and you won’t have to queue to park, then buy a case of beans, when you only want 1 can.

Find out how to get your all access pass in the next newsletter (not signed up? you know what to do)

With that it just remains to say:

Here is wishing all our customers a very Happy Holiday and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.

From everyone at Unrealcycles

Unreal Update

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