And what have you done?

Hopefully, got presents for everyone, stocked up on food, and procured copious amounts of alcohol for the long weekend ahead.

We have done as much as we can to assist, making the last expedited shipments yesterday, so with luck and a good wind, everyone got what they needed in time for the big day tomorrow.

Next week will be a short week for us.

Monday and Tuesday we will be closed and not shipping anything, so if you intended to place orders over the weekend we will address them on Wednesday.

Emails sent between now and Wednesday may be answered, but if they don’t make sense its because they were addressed while in a drunken stupor or recovering from the annual food coma.

We will be working on a crazy end of year sale starting on Wednesday, some new features on the website, new products, and of course preparing for our next shipment of On One due January 4th

Simply remains for me to say

Eat, Drink and be Merry! (always in co operation with a designated driver)

So this is Christmas……….

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