Jason potentially had the first of the new Genius frames in the country built up and between looking after his new baby girl and taking care of business he’s managed to get out for a couple of rides:-

I finally completed the upgrade of my skinny tire bike – Luigi and Peter hooked me up with a Genius frame and fork, plus some assorted bling-y bits at the end of July, and in between feedings and diaper changes for my new baby girl, I managed to get it all built up and stylin’ just before Labor Day.
Got out for a few short spins in the East Bay hills with SuperSteve and immediately loved the frame – comfortable, responsive, and solid on the descents. I’m sure the frame helped cover/compensate for my lack of saddle time and fitness, though SS dropped me at every opportunity as he continued his pursuit of the Strava KOH for as many East Bay climbs as possible. Winter will have to be spent on the trainer so I’m a bit better a ride companion when spring rolls around.
I seem to be getting in one big ride per month now, SF-Santa Cruz, Levi’s Gran Fondo, etc., but most of my rides are quick hitters that I can fit in while the baby girl is taking a nap. Last weekend was typical – baby started to snooze around 1pm Sunday afternoon so I suited up and, after a short tour of Oaktown’s finest neighborhoods, I was up on Skyline & Grizzly Peak, enjoying the sunshine, multiple blimps in the air, and some rolling roads. I decided to stay up on the ridge since it was a little chilly and I’m soft enough to want to avoid the cold, shady canyons on the Pinehurst loop. Sooooo soft! The exact opposite of east coast!

Anyway, as I said, pretty typical for me these days – 26 mi, 2600′ climbing, 1hr45min, and I got home just as Vida was waking from her nap. Phone shots to try to capture the beauty of the afternoon, but don’t quite do it justice.
I’ll bring a better camera next time. Definitely digging the bike – nice details, good graphics, and solid build all around. It will probably make a roadie of me yet!

Genius Diablo

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