This weekend I headed down to South Lake Tahoe for a weekend of celebration and riding. It was my girlfriends birthday – so I decided to take her down to Tahoe for the special occasion. Sunday morning she decided to hit up some spa while I headed out for a rippin’ ride at Mr. Toads. :o)

TRT – Mr. Toads here I come.

It had rained pretty good on Friday, so the trails were in excellent condition. No dust, no mud – just superhero dirt (and rocks). The plan was to just do one loop then chill with the girl for the rest of the day, and then perhaps do another loop the next day before heading back home. Well turned out that the weather forecast called for rain Monday morning – so after my first loop, I decided to try for a second one (in case I couldn’t ride Monday morning).

Start of Mr. Toads

The climb up to the top of Saxon Creek Trail (Mr. Toads Wild Ride) isn’t the easiest – especially from Oneidas Road. I think the hardest thing for me is getting acclimated the altitude. I’m used to riding at sea levels, so every time I go to Tahoe (around 6500 feet and 9500 at the top of Saxon Creek) my lungs feel like prunes. I felt on fire on the first loop, but that died down quickly mid way through my 2nd loop. My legs really started to feel it 1/2 way through the 2nd climb – but all I could think of is the sweet descent that was waiting for me once I reached Saxon Creek Trail.

It was a tough ride, but one of the best rides I’ve had in a long while. I wasn’t pleased with the performance of the stock 2010 Fox RP23 that came stock on the Orange Alpine 160, so I’ve also been testing a few different shocks. Right now I’m running a Pushed 2008 Fox RP23 and it really transformed the bike. Pretty stoked with that setup right now. The bike felt planted and totally ripped that trail – so much fun!!

2nd loop – exhausted but all smiles!

Another great weekend of riding in the books…Bikes are cool, get out and ride! You can view the profile of my ride HERE

Epic weekend of riding on the Orange Alpine 160

2 thoughts on “Epic weekend of riding on the Orange Alpine 160

  • April 25, 2011 at 4:29 pm


    I have an Edge 305 – but it's pretty tired and about to die. it keep turning itself off (I think the internal battery is loose) so I have to do some ghetto zip tie voodoo trick to keep it from turning off. but it's been good to me – been using it since like 2006.

    My next unit will be the Garmin Edge 500. I don't need anything more than that since I don't use the maps, don't use HR monitors, don't use cadence, etc… I just want something to record elevation gains/loss, top speed and distance.

    Garmin Connect is cool. it used to be ( but recently got moved to Garmin Connect.

  • April 25, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Thanks for the post! Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I love the Garmin ouput! Which model Garmin do you have?


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